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Duluth Area Bass League, Duluth, Minnesota

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Duluth Minnesota Fishing Leagues - News
Duluth BASS

Anyone that wants to fish Bass and/or B.A.S.S., CONTACT DOUG AND JOIN TODAY!!!

Bring a friend or come and make some new friends that bass fish. 

Email: doug@duluthbass.org



 Here are the latest overall standings:

Old School - 1770

TGIF - 1640

Patience - 1610

Proven - 1520

Postal - 1500

Flash - 1460

Nice Guys - 1400

Fish Wishing - 1390

G2 - 1320

Healy - 1100

X-Men - 430



Finally - we have the standings up through night 11 on Fish Lake.  This includes dropping the low 3 scores.

Old School 1580

TGIF  1480

Patience 1430

Postal 1350

Flash  1330

Proven 1300

Nice Guys  1290

Fish Wishing  1260

G2  1150

Healy  940

X-Men  430



1. Big Dogs=87 (N20,21,21,20+10 limit, B19.75,18.75,14.5)
2. Swingers=79 (N21,21,21,20+10 limit, B15,16 W13)
3. Nuclear Manhattans=66 (W14,14,14,14+15 limit, N28, P10)
4. Size Matters=51 (B17,14,13,18+7 limit)
5. Minno-ette=35 (W14, B14, P12,11,9,9+3 limit)
6. Master Baiters=32 (B14,15,`8.5, P10.75)
7. Walleye Pirates=28 (W13, B16, P11)
8. Routs=25 (B16,14.5, S7.5)
9. Reel Time=22 (W14, B16)
10. Grumpy Old Men=14 (B12,13.5)

JUNE 7 WILL BE AT FISH LAKE AND THE RIVER JUNE 14! We will launch at Hi-Banks. The switch was made due to all the rain making the river high and muddy and the Fishermen's Corner Walleye League event which is June 7 on the river at Clyde Ave. See you at FISH LAKE JUNE 7!



 DAFL Meeting:::::

Meeting will be held at the GOPHER (West Duluth) on April 17 2012 at 5:30pm.  Will be using the SUB FEES to purchase pizzas for the evening.


See our own page on this site for listed items and tentitive schedule

Any questions call Bob Carson at 218-428-5436 


Duluth BASS

Remember everyone that wants to fish B.A.S.S. and have a chance to fish the TOC this year, they need to pay in by April. ALL Details are in our rules.


Time is running out.

Email: doug@duluthbass.org


We had a great meeting at the Gopher in West Duluth, Wed. Feb. 22nd.

Business we got done included:  Lakes to fish, dates, times, prizes, etc. 

Congrats to our new Treasurer: Jim Taraldsen..  and our Competition Committe is now made up of Lee Kruger, Dan Roach and Jim.. 

After the meeting we sat around told some fishing stories, spilling some beer and pop, and had a great time.  

We'll meet one more time in early April for the rest of you to pay in.  We'll post a notice prior and hope to see you there. 

Monday Night Fishing Staff

We'll be meeting to get things started for the 2012 season at the Gopher in West Duluth, Wed. Feb. 22nd at 6:00pm - social hour.  Our meeting starts at 7:00pm.  We'll discuss the schedule, any changes, sponsors, and vote on officers. 

Bring a guest, any new members, and any ideas to help us improve our club and grow. 

Thanks and see you there.


We're back and fishing only Bass and Pike this year, every Wednesday. 

Click to contact Ryan if interested in fishing with us. 



1.   Big Dogs: 936
2.   Master Baiters: 755
3.   Size Matters: 589
4.   Swingers: 582
5.   Minno-ette: 472
6.   Grumpy Old Men: 469
7.   Forced Entry: 403
8.   Nuclear Manhattans: 326
9.   Team Routsalainen: 306
10. Walleye Pirates 216


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MMTS an evening on the river - video on YouTube
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Duluth Kayak Fishing Club

Limited Openings 2016

Contact us today to get in on the fun Kayak fishing next year. 


Fishing small lakes with big fish and low boater traffic. 

There are lots of reasons to join our Kayak Fishing Club.  Join for the fun, fishing, prizes, to make new friends, or just a good excuse to get out fishing and kayaking more. 

You are always a WINNER with Duluth Kayak Fishing Club.

Duluth Kayak Fishing Club
Contact:  Doug

Please "LIKE" Duluth Kayak on Facebook Duluth Kayak group on Facebook  

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