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Duluth Minnesota Fishing Leagues - News

1. Big Dogs: 126 (W15,B13,13,15,14,C12,P8,8,8,8,S8,9,8,8+13 limit +40 MSB)
2. Size Matters: 74 (W15,16,B13,12,13,14,P9,8,8+7 limit)
3. Master Baiters: 59 (B14,13,12,15,P8,8,8,8,S8,8,8+10 limit)
4. Forced Entry: 51 (W21.75,P8,8,9,8,S9+3 limit)
5. Minno-ette: 51 (B12,13,14,P8,8,9,9,S8,8,7,7+6 limit)
6. Swingers: 35 (W14,15,B13,S7,7)
7. Nuclear Manhattans: 15 (P8,8,S9,8)
8. Grumpy Old Men: 12 (P8,8,S9)
9. Walleye Pirates: 0
10. Team Routsalainen: 0

What a nice night to end the season on! Thank you everyone for a good season. Tonight the Big Dogs claimed their fourth win in a row to finish first for the year. Size Mattters finished the night second which secured third place for the year. Todd and Lethan got the Big Walleye Award for the night which also turned out to be the biggest walleye of the year! A small amount of the year end funds were used for the party at the Sunset. The rest will be used at the next meeting which will be April 15, 2012. Items put up for discussion include:

1. Expanding schedule to 11 events but scoring will be based on 10 events. This allows teams to miss an event due to vactions, work, etc., but not take a hit in the standings. The extra event should be on a lake currently not used (ie Boulder?) 2. End on Fish Lake with the party immediately following at High Banks. We could still go to Fish Lake earlier in the year, as well. 3. Lower walleye minimum length to 13". This would be worth seven points. All this will be voted on at the April 15th meeting at the Gopher Bar/Grill. Todd Marunich will be Treasurer for the 2012 season (if Lethan takes him back as a partner!)



1.   Big Dogs: 807
2.   Master Baiters: 696
3.   Swingers: 547
4.   Size Matters: 515
5.   Grumpy Old Men:  457
6.   Minno-ette: 421
7.   Forced Entry: 352
8.   Nuclear Manhattans: 311
9.   Team Routsalainen: 306
10. Walleye Pirates: 216



1.  Big Dogs: 143 (N21,21,20,21,B16.25,14,14,14,C9,9,8,8,S8,8,7,7 +23 limit +20MSB)
2.  Minno-ette: 104 (W17,N20,B12,12,15,C8,S7,7,8,8,+3 limit + 40MSB)
3.  Swingers: 95 (N21,B13,15,14,14,C8,8,8,10,S8,7,7,7+13 limit +20MSB)
4.  Master Baiters: 76 (B14, 13,13,13, C9,P9,S8,7,7,7+10 limit + 20MSB)
5.  Forced Entry: 50 (B14,14,12,12,S7,7,7,7+10 limit)
6.  Team Routsalainen: 38 (B16,12,13,C8,S7,7)
7.  Nuclear Manhattens: 36 (B16.75,C10,8S8,8,8,7 +3 limit)
8.  Size Matters: 21 (B13,14,12,14,C8,S8+ 7 limit, minus 20 late penalty)
9.  Walleye Pirates: 15 (C9,8,S8,7,7)
9.  Grumpy Old Men: 15 (S,8,7,8,7 + 3 limit)

Our last event is coming this Thursday! Summer sure has flown by. Remember we will be starting at 5:00 this Thursday on Pike Lake and will finish at 8:15. We will head over to the Sunset after the event. Food will be ready to go at 8:45. If you have your boat, the best bet for parking is beyond the softball fields. Nice job to the Big Dogs and especially the Minno-ette who caught a 17" Walleye (which is only the second walleye taken out of Caribou in the history of the league.) Johnny K. got the Big Bass Award with a 16.75" bas with only  his dog in the boat to net it! See you Thursday!



1.   Big Dogs: 664
2.   Master Baiters: 620
3.   Size Matters: 494
4.   Swingers: 452
5.   Grumpy Old Men: 442
6.   Minno-ette: 317
7.   Forced Entry: 302
8.   Nuclear Mahattans: 275
9.   Team Routsalainen: 268
10. Walleye Pirates: 201



1.   Big Dogs: 159 (N22,22,22,20,B16,16,17,13,C10,10,9,9,S8,8,8,8+23 Limit + 20MSB)
2.   Size Matters: 143 (N21,23,26,20,B12,15,14,17,C8,8,8,8S7,7,7,7+23 Limit + 20MSB)
3.   Grumpy Old Men: 120 (N24,24,21,B14,14,17,C9,9,S8,8,7,7+13 Limit+20 MSB)
4.   Nuclear Manhattans: 106 (N24,21,21,B12,14,13,14,C8,9,S8,8,7,7+10 Limit+20 MSB)
5.   Master Baiters: 85 (N22,24,22,B16,12,14,C8,S7+20 MSB)
6.   Walleye Pirates: 64 (N24,23,B16,C9,S7,7+20 MSB)
7.   Minno-ette: 63 (W15,N20,C9,S8,7,7,7+3 Limit+20 MAB)
8.   Swingers: 44 (B13,13,14,C10,8,S7+7 Limit)
9.   Forced Entry: 32 (N22,20,C9,S7,7,7)
10. Team Routsalainen: 31 (B12,13,13,13,S8+7 Limit)

It was a very nice night to be on the water. The measuring boats were very busy with lots of fish caught! It was hard to believe we are down to our last two events. Congrats to the Big Dogs and Size Matters who had identical catches! The difference came down to two bonus bass. Size Matters also claimed the Big Fish Award for the second straight week with a 26" pike. We are off next week and will resume on Caribou Lake on August 11th at 5:15. Be sure to note the early start time at 5:15 and done at 8:30. It is also time to start thinking about the year end big fish awards. We have a 19 3/4" walleye from Rice Lake by the Nuclear Manhattans. The Master Baiters have the biggest bass @ 19 3/4" from SLR and pike @ 28.1" from Fish Lake. If these are not correct, please let Jim know. See you on the 11th!   


1.   Master Baiters: 535
2.   Big Dogs: 505
3.   Swingers: 408
4.   Size Matters: 351
5.   Grumpy Old Men: 322
6.   Forced Entry: 270
7.   Minno-ette: 254
8.   Team Routsalainen: 237
9.   Nuclear Manhattans: 169
10. Walleye Pirates: 137



1.   Big Dogs: 169 (N26,26,20,23,B15,13,16,15,C8,9,8,11,P9,S8,7,7,8+23 limit+40 MSB)
2.   Swingers: 141 (N24,22,B17,18,12,13,C8,8,10,P10,8,S8,7,8,8+10 limit+40 MSB)
3.   Master Baiters: 113 (N22,26,75,B14,14,13,17,C8,9,10,9,S7,8,7,7+13 limit+40 MSB)
4.   Size Matters: 99 (N20,B14,16,14,19.5,P8,S7,7,7,8+10 limit+10 MSB)
5.   Grumpy Old Men: 78 (N20,B13,C10,P8,S8,7,7,8+3 limit+40 MSB)
6.   Minno-ette: 63 (B15,C11,10,10,10,P8,S7,7,7,7+6 limit+20 MSB)
7.   Forced Entry: 45 (C11,9,10,10,P8,8,9,S9,7,7,7)
8.   Nuclear Manhattans: 40 (N20,C8,11,10,S9,7,7,7+3 limit)
9.   Walleye Pirates: 33 (C9,9,9,8S8,8,8,9+6 limit)
10. Team Routsalainen: 26 (N20,20,S7,7)

Short and sweet as our web manager is off to the East Coast for two weeks (which means...party at Jim's!) Check the math and report any errors. Congrats to the Big Dogs and Swingers who found a nice mess of fish. Size Matters took the Big Fish Award with a 19 1/2" Bass. We will hand out all the gift certificates in two weeks at Chub Lake. (We are off next week.) Jim will try to get to Chub early to install safety devices so Scott does not fall in the lake again. ;)



1.   Master Baiters: 319
2.   Big Dogs: 245
3.   Swingers: 227
4.   Forced Entry: 169
5.   Size Matters: 145
6.   Team Routsalainen: 144
7.   Grumpy Old Men: 124
8.   Minno-ette: 115
9.   Nuclear Manhattans: 89
10. Walleye Pirates: 76



1.   Swingers: 53 (N22,B16,B13,B15,B15 Limit7)
2.   Master Baiters: 51 (N20,B16,P8,S8+20MSB)
3.   Size Matters: 43 (B18.5,B13,B14,B13.5 Limit7)
4.   Big Dogs: 37 (N22,21,20, B14)
5.   Nuclear Manhattans: 31 (N21,B12,14,14)
6.   Grumpy Old Men: 29 (B17.5,13,13)
7.   Forced Entry: 27 (B17,P10,11.5,9)
8.   Team Routsalainen: 18 (P11,9.5,9.5,8)
9.   Minno-ette: 10 (B13,P8)
10. Walleye Pirates: 3 (P9)

Another cold, damp, and very windy night. Lots of nice  Bass caught but the Walleye were a no show. A special thank you to Rich who tapped into the "Take a Senior Citizen Fishing Program" for his partner. (I hope he made it back to the nursing home before they locked down!) With no measurable Walleye caught, we will have two big fish awards next week for Bass and Northern. See you there and hope for summer weather!


The UAC BASS Club event results and current standings are updated.  You can find them at www.UACBASS.com    

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MMTS an evening on the river - video on YouTube
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Duluth Kayak Fishing Club

Limited Openings 2016

Contact us today to get in on the fun Kayak fishing next year. 


Fishing small lakes with big fish and low boater traffic. 

There are lots of reasons to join our Kayak Fishing Club.  Join for the fun, fishing, prizes, to make new friends, or just a good excuse to get out fishing and kayaking more. 

You are always a WINNER with Duluth Kayak Fishing Club.

Duluth Kayak Fishing Club
Contact:  Doug

Please "LIKE" Duluth Kayak on Facebook Duluth Kayak group on Facebook  

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