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Minnesota Multispecies Fishing Clubs and Fishing Leagues

Duluth, Cloquet, and Taylors Falls
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Minnesota Fishing Tournament angler with nice 28 inch St. Louis River walleye.
Minnesota Fishing Tournament angler, Jim Metry, with nice 28 inch St. Louis River walleye.
 Rules and Regulations

2013 MMTS Rules and Regulations
Fishing League Rules

1.  All State fishing and boating regulations apply, check the waters you are fishing in.  Any fish presented that is in violation of state laws must be immediately released, and the team will forfeit that night's points.

    (e.g.. if you catch 3 walleyes over 20", you can only have 2 in the livewell, AND you will only be allowed to score 2 over 20", as at is the legal possession limit.  Fish caught and videotaped or photographed will not be allowed in excess of a legal possession limit.)

We will ONLY score upto the legal possession or our league limit, whichever is lower.

Reminder:  follow ALL DNR RULES or you will be disqualified.

2.  25 team limit per tournament group for 2013.  We have had two groups (A and B) and that means we can run upto 30 teams in MMTS but as separate groups.

   MEMBERSHIP CHANGES:  simple - someone has to die. 

3.  Fishing time:  5:30pm - 9:00pm  (no penalty for starting late), except we run 5:00pm - 8:30pm on the first two weeks and last two weeks.  All teams must be at landing by  the set ending time or else forfeit that nights points.  (All boats must stay within 50 yards of take off before starting and no fishing!  All late starts must start from designated landing.)  Timer boat is responsible to notify president of any late boats.  Penalties for being late are:  less than 10 minutes late 15 points deducted and 15 points for each additional 5 minutes late.  The maximum penalty is equal to the total points of their catch.  One night per year you may be late less than 5 minutes, only once per season per boat.

*** Note we run 5:00-8:30pm on the first 2 and last 2 nights of the year.

4.  Two persons per team; subs are allowed.  $5 sub fee goes towards the end of year party.  One of the original team members must be present each night.  Subs cannot be another MMTS team member currently competing for the same species or tournament points.  For example:  A multispecies team can have a walleye division member as a sub and a walleye division member can sub for a multispecies team, but only one MMTS team will get the points and it will be only for the division that they choose to fish with that night.  But a Big Fish multispecies member cannot sub for a multispecies team and a multispecies member cannot sub for a Big Fish team. 

5.  Live wells may be checked at the request of any tournament angler before the start of fishing.

6.  No double teaming/pooling/sharing/giving away to another team/etc. of fish during tournament hours.  This applies to any two or more boats. 

7.  Fishing during lightning is prohibited.  All must check in at landing and wait to see if storm blows over.

8.  Immediate release of any qualifying fish allowed with measurement / verification by an opposing team.

9. Fish are measured in inches, tail may be pinched.

10. Weather:  Only lightning or severe wind can cancel fishing.  Check with tournament officers.  Cancellations will be made up at a future date.  If 1/3 of the teams show up, a decision can be made by 6:30pm.  Alternate landing decisions will be made by the tournament director the day of the tournament based on weather and safety.  Tournament teams are responsible to contact the director if seeking an alternate landing due to weather and concerns.  A timer boat and scoring boat must be arranged for the alternate landing.  Tournament Director decisions about the use of alternate landings and locations are final and non-reviewable.  General guidelines are that winds need to exceed 20 miles an hour, be foggy or ligthning.

11.  Life jackets are required to be on anytime that your boat is above troll.  

12.  Fish will be measured by the previous weeks top two winning teams.  (MMTS Official will be the Scoring Judge measuring on week #1)

13.  Measuring boat must stay on the water to measure other teams fish.  Try to be at the landing by  8:50pm.  First team to show up for measuring will measure the measuring boats catch.

14.  One hour of fishing = full night.  No refish/makeup.

15.  All weeds and exotics must be removed from boats, motors, and trailers before leaving the landing.

16.  Majority vote of current membership required to change a rule, or make a decision.

17.  No pre-fishing on the scheduled lake on the day of the tournament.

18.  Must have at least two teams to be an official night.

19.  2013 fees will be $60 per 2-person team and $10/night per team.  To reserve your spot, all fees must be paid by April 20th.  Also only returning teams that fished a minimum of half the previous years tournaments are automatically reserved a spot and have to pay prior to fishing.

20.  While not required, the use of live wells (with working aerators!) and rubber landing nets is strongly encouraged.

21.  All league disputes will go through the officers.  The officers will decide if an issue requires a vote.

22.  2013 - officers are:   

Treasurer:    Steve Ondrus

Record Keeper:    Jim Taraldsen

Competition Committee 2013:    Lee Carson, Dan Roach, and Lee Kruger

23.  Any team violating tournament rules, or state laws, will face expulsion from the Tournament Series.

24.  Any team that is aware of any violations of tournament rules, or state laws, is obligated to report this to one of the officers immediately, or else face expulsion.

25.  Scoring is as follows:

Nightly positions are based on our official fish species / length / points, plus bonuses for multiple species, limits, etc.  All fish must be scored at the landing or verified on the water by another MMTS Team.  All scores must be in, within 30 minutes of the end of scoring to be counted towards standings and winnings.  All protests must go through the league officers and their word is final.  All protests must be filed within 30 minutes of final scoring and winners being announced. 

End of Year - Team scores are sum of the team's top ten finishes based on the following Points Structure.

Group nights will be worth a total of 200 points with 10 point decreasing increments.  Ex. 1st = 200, 2nd =190, 3rd=180, etc. 

Teams not scoring any fish will receive 50 points for participating.  All teams must check in with the tournament director to get any points for attendance.  All teams are responsible for their verified points and fish being measured and counted by the official scoring teams on the official tournament night. 

Tie Breakers for end of year positions:

  1. Total Points scored.
  2. Number of #1 finishes.
  3. Highest nightly score.
  4. Biggest walleye of year.
  5. Biggest crappie of year.

End of Year

    Prizes:           Multispecies Prizes depend on number of teams.  With a 15 team
                          field, here are what the prizes are:

                          1st Place team  -  $ plus plaques. 

                          2nd Place team -  $ plus plaques.

                          3rd Place team  -  $ plus plaques.

                          1st - 3rd are based on position points.     

                          Also hope to come up with some other prizes that may be donated.

**  Additional cash prizes for our fishing pot for Big Fish Pot.

Weekly Prizes:  Each team pays $10/night into the Cash Pot. 

  1. Highest weekly total will get 50% of the cash pot. 
  2. Second Place weekly winners will get 30% of the cash pot.  
  3. Third Place weekly winners will get 20% of the cash pot.
  4. Big Fish weekly winners will get a $30 gift certificate.  Donated by Russ at Marine GeneralBe sure to say "Thanks" every time that you shop there. 

Be sure to mention "MMTS" and "Thanks" whenever you stop at any of our sponsors.

In the event of a tie, the longest fish between the tied teams will decide the weekly winner.
(in the event of two big fish of identical length, second biggest fish will decide, etc.)

We pay back 100% of cash and entries. 

26.  Keep it FUN!!!!  Always practice good sportsmanship, and help each other out when they need it!!  Create a positive image for the Tournament Series.

27.  As a member of the Minnesota Multi-species Tournament Series, or as a substitute participating along side with a member, it is understood that each individual is responsible for their own actions, and that the rest of the teams and it’s members/anglers cannot be held responsible for the actions or liability incurred by an individual.  In short, we are not a corporation, and will not share the responsibility or the consequences of  an irresponsible individual.

28.  You may now keep the legal Minnesota limit of fish to take home with you, but may still only submit the tournament limit for scoring.  Please have fish that you are not submitting for measuring separated from the catch that you will present to the scorer.  (i.e. you may keep up to 12 walleyes per boat, all under 12 inches, but none would qualify for league points.)  Remember that we want the scoring to go as quickly and easily as possible.  Don't make the scorer wait while you are sorting through your fish.

29.  Nightly winners must reveal patterns each night at measuring or forfeit 30 points.  Include lure, fishing technique, water depth, weeds, structure, bait, color, etc. that worked, enough information that our other tournament anglers could try it.  You don't have to give exact location, but enough that we could find our own or learn from it.

You may keep species that are not listed in our rules.

(Every tournament angler must sign this before participating and provide a copy of their boat insurance)
As a angler in the Minnesota Multi-species Tournament Series, I will not hold the tournament, tournament anglers, or the officers, responsible for any injury or damage incurred during tournament activities, and I will be solely accountable for any consequences of my actions.  I will to the best of my ability, adhere to the rules of the tournament, as well as be responsible for the actions of any substitute that I bring to participate in the absence of my partner.



Any questions, suggestions or ideas contact Doug Pirila at dpirila@yahoo.com



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